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OCTGN Freezes at Update Screen

As of this morning, when I start OCTGN, it won't progress past checking updates for Kaijudo. It says the normal little joke thing, it loads games and sets and proxies and checks for updates to MtG, but when it gets to Kaijudo, it just freezes and does nothing else. Should I reinstall it, or is there something else to try?

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After it locks up you can go into My Documents/Octgn/Octgn/Logs and get your log file and share it.

Here you go.

(13.1 KB)

I don't see any errors in there. I would guess that it's a timeout. With that in mind, if you wait it should eventually pass. Once you get past you should be able to remove the game and/or reinstall it from inside of OCTGN. Outside of that I'd say you should get in contact with the game developer and see if he/she can't help you further(since we only host/support our official games).

Okay. I wasn't sure if it was an issue with Kaijudo or with OCTGN itself.

 same with me!!!

And i only have lotr-lcg installed. It freezes when it check updates for the lotr game

its failing on connecting to for the updates it seems, not an octgn issue


Yeah, once it got past Kaijudo, MtG took a long time, too.

Same issue from the aGoT community.  I haven't done the research, but sounds like @sfxer's comment is spot on.

I'm having the same problem with loading ANR....freezes @ "checking for updates"



It looks like our feed provider is still having issues. We'll keep you all posted. We would push a fix out on our end except our code isn't quite ready for production due to the spectator stuff yet.

It appears as though the problem is fixed now. If anyone is still having the issue let me know.

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