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Problems with OCTGN/Parallels

Hello all,

I recently installed parallels so as to use OCTGN with my Mac. Installation of both parallels, .NET framework and OCTGN was smooth with no complications.

However, I am having troubles logging in. 

When I open OCTGN I get the login screen, but I get the message "could not load news feed". Even ignoring this, I put username & password, but it freezes there with no response.

My guess is that somehow the program cannot access internet, but I do not see what is blocking it. Other programs inside windows (i.e., internet explorer) have access to there is a connection

I checked windows firewall, and OCTGN is allowed internet access. I even uninstalled the Antivirus and deactivated windows firewall, but I still get the same message. 

Has anyone had this issue? Maybe there is some additional configuration I should do on Parallels?

P.s: just to confirm that indeed the problem is lack of internet, I attach a log file

(63.6 KB)

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it looks like might be having issues creating/editing your settings, I'd look for any settings in parallels related to file permissions to start.

If you set Parallels to "Isolate Mode" it will solve this problem.

I am trying to figure out a less ham fisted way to fix this, but isolation mode will work in a pinch.

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