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I will subscribe to OCTGN if I can get the old chat back

Please consider making the old, functional chat system a subscriber-only feature. I would subscribe to have this back!

I am *currently* a subscriber, but this new chat feature makes it very tough to play (netrunner anyway). I don't understand the purpose this weird setup that blocks gameplay. 


If we did that at that point it would be basically ripping you off. We've made changes to the chat system again that will hopefully be better than the way it is now. These changes will come out this evening 1/14/2014 so keep an eye out. Sorry for about any inconveniences this caused.

Making the chat better than it was yesterday is a very low bar indeed. But I'm saying I'm willing to become a paying customer to get the old chat back, and I would not feel ripped off.

There is already a post for chat issues. .