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I can't sign in

Whenever I open up OCTGN, I usually see a news feed and user subscription percentage. Recently, neither shows up and I am unable to sign in. I have uninstalled OCTGN completely and re-installed the programs with no luck. 

Please help me out so I can sign back in. Thank you!

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I hate to necro this thread but it seems that OCTGN is pretty inconsistent in this login failure thingy.. Today it couldn't retrieve news feed AGAIN. Please HELP!

looks like it was a firewall that i was unaware of. it turns out my modem has its own firewall built in, so even when it was clear OCTGN was allowed passed my own firewalls the modem fire wall was stopping it. Yay! OCTGN is great


I have run all of the above and then some.  I am having issues with more than just games or webpages.  Windows Update, for instance, won't start for me.  Neither will my Disk Defrag, amongst others.  There is a problem with my OS somewhere, and until that is fixed, I won't know for sure if that's not the cause of my OCTGN issues.  So I'm going to fix the big problem first, and then we'll see what happens with OCTGN.

Again, I appreciate all the help, and I will definitely update this post in the future to inform you all of what happened.

Okay, I figured it out.

ipconfig /flushdns

Also, I'm telling you, try the google chrome thing - the issue is pretty common and that is one of the fixes, as weird and unimpressive as a solution it may sound like, it did work for me.

When I had the issue, it wasn't just OCTGN. Random web pages wouldn't load while others would, OCTGN wouldn't work but Steam worked fine. You may be having the same issue, and something in Chrome could be the issue.

Also, if you haven't tried the obvious, run your virus and spyware scans, as spyware and malware can also be responsible for this. If you don't have a virus scan or spyware scan, I recommend Malware Bytes for a free virus scan, and Spybot Search and Destroy for free spyware scan.

Malware Bytes:


It's not just OCTGN, though.  I've been having other issues.  My wife is going to talk to her computer teacher, see if he'll take a look at it, or at least suggest someone who will.  Thanks for the help anyway, folks.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

PS:  I noticed the command was backwards when the cmd prompt gave me the error.  Putting it in correctly gave the same error.  Apparently, I'm missing some additional command string.  Like I said, I'll be having a professional check it out soon, hopefully.

oh, btw, I wrote it backwards, the command is /ipconfig flushdns, apologies for getting that backwards

I would suggest opening chrome, going to the options, and clearing all browsing data (all of it - make sure you write down any saved passwords you need). Afterwards, shut down your pc, let it rest for a few minutes and try again and see what happens. I can't explain why this fixed the problem, but it did for me, so give that a whirl.

The DNS flush command you gave keeps giving me an error saying unrecognized or incomplete command.  I have already looked at the modem's settings.  I was trying to find a manual online, but I couldn't find one.  Because I couldn't find one, I don't want to go messing with it's settings and risk totally screwing everything up.  That's why I'm waiting for Netgear support.

I use Chrome as my browser, and while I haven't had any browsing issues, I now also have difficulty connecting to my Ventrilo server.  A few other problems have cropped up, and I am starting to think it may be time to bring in a professional.

Did you perhaps try the number i listed? That is one commonly used for a lot of netgear routers, it very well may be the one.

Also like I asked, have you tried a DNS flush? It's a shot in the dark but it sometimes fixes these problems. If you'd like to try, open up the command prompt and type in

/ipconfig dnsflush

The prompt should display a message saying something to the effect of "DNS flush successful."

Also, out of curiosity, what web browser do you use, and have you recently experienced any other internet related issues? i.e. some web pages will load, but others won't?

Unfortunately, I can't find my manual for either.  I looked online, but couldn't find them on the netgear site.  So I've submitted a ticket to Netgear support for assistance in determining whether the modem and/or router are blocking my access.  I'm going to give them a couple days and see what happens.  Wish me luck!

Find your manual and look in it, there should be a number that looks like an IP address ex:  After this it may prompt your for your router username and password, and afterwards should bring up a wizard full of options and settings. I recommend going through and checking all the basic settings. Take some screenshots of all the tabs and post them for us. If you're comfortable adjusting settings, then go for it, but don't change anything you aren't sure of.

Also, have you tried a DNS flush? It has fixed issues with OCTGN for me before.

DarkSir23, earlier in the thread I posted a screenshot of my LAN settings.  Nothing is checked.  As for my connection, I'm at home, using a Netgear CG3000D Modem/Router as my modem and a Netgear N300 Wireless Router.  (I had the N300 before I got the modem, so I'm using it as my router instead of the modem/router because I'm used to it's settings.)

Perhaps one of them has a proxy/firewall set up that I don't know about, though I seem to recall using OCTGN since getting both of them.  Any advice as to how I would go about finding and possibly disabling a proxy/firewall on one of those?

I had a similar issue temporarily. Shot in the dark here, but are your Windows Update settings set to automatically download and install updates? I stopped having the problem after a Windows Update, so try checking on that and see if there are any updates you need to get and install them if you do.

I'd like to verify something.  In Internet Options (from control panel), under Connections, and Lan Settings, is ANYTHING checked?

It's also possible you have a proxy that you don't know about and can't set.  Some routers/firewalls have a transparent proxy mode, that lets them filter all of your network traffic through them.  Could you tell me about your internet connection? Are you at a school, or home, and if so, do you know what model of router you have?

Well that stinks, lol.  I do appreciate the help, even if it didn't solve the problem.  Thank you!

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