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"Could not retrieve news feed"

 I've been running OCTGN on Parallels on a 15" Macbook Pro circa 2010 for about 8 months, suddenly I can't log on. When I open the program, it brings up the log in screen but says "could not retrieve news feed". When I click "sign in" the program hangs there and never does anything. Anyone else having this problem?

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I have the same exact problem!

This is most likely an issue with octgn not being able to connect to the internet.

I'm having the very same problem. I click sign in, down the bottom right I can see progress of connecting, then when the connection looks complete it opens the community chat tab. I can see and send messages here. But I still see "could not retrieve news feed".

On top of not getting the news feed, I can't see any games under the Play tab, even after I hit refresh. I've been able to add friends through chat and talk to them, but I cannot invite them to a game and when I create a game they cannot see it appear on their list either. 

If you set Parallels to "Isolate Mode" it will solve this problem.

I am trying to figure out a less ham fisted way to fix this, but isolation mode will work in a pinch.

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