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Export a visual/text spoiler from card files?

If there's not a way to easily do this already, I'd like it:

Basically, the OCTGN files, for a lot of card games, represent the best compilation of card text and images for that game. Since I play a lot of small card games and like to make decks for them, I'd like the ability to export a text or visual spoiler for a given card game based on a given search (and sorted based on your choice of criteria), for away-from-computer perusal and contemplation.

I don't understand.

Basically, I want to use OCTGN to generate a list of all the cards in a game as a text file that can be printed and read easily.

Oh ok. Actually, this would be pretty easy to create as a plugin for the deck editor. Maybe one of the people who created deck editor plugins might be interested in this.

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