Mac test client

We have a test client for running OCTGN on a mac. All you need to do is download it, unzip it, and double click it. 

Please let us know how this works, as it's currently experimental.

Any issues you have please report them here, as this isn't officially supported, we won't answer support tickets about it.

Getting an error regarding deck loading...

getting an error related to font installation when I try to load a deck. see attached

Macbook running 10.8.5

Couldn't even get it to open all the way once downloaded.

Has anyone gotten this to work yet?

Please try to get this running. I love my Mac and I'd love to run Octgn on it!

After first install, I got a grey screen. Close and restart. Install again? Ok.  

And that's it. I only get a grey screen. 

Where do I find error logs? I'd love to help!

My machine: Desperado with 4 MU...just kidding. iMac 3.06 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo with OSX 10.9.3, 8 GB RAM.

I just got a grey screen. Going to go with VMware instead. +1 for making a Mac client though.

Is there someone that can walk me through re-building a container? I would love to use this, but the "updating" that occurs every time I use it can get a little tedious.

Is the Mac version up and running at all reliably yet? I recently switched to Macs. Just wondering if I have to stop playing/using OCTGN? I haven't seen a post in this thread for a while?
Re: updating - it's pretty easy to fix that, and have it only update when an actual update comes out. Here are two options (#2 is better):
1. Edit /Applications/ Look for the line under "<key>WineProgramPath</key>", and replace "User" with your mac username (launch and run "echo $USER".
2. Edit /Applications/ You can do this by running

"open -e


Find the line toward the end that looks like: BIN_FILE="$(sed 's|\\|/|g' <<< "$(defaults read "$BUNDLERESOURCEPATH/../Info" WineProgramPath)")". Add the following two lines:
USER_BIN_FILE=$(echo "${BIN_FILE}" | sed s/User/${USER}/)
[ -f $(echo "${USER_BIN_FILE}" | sed s/C:/${WINEPREFIX}\/drive_c/) ] && BIN_FILE="${USER_BIN_FILE}"

#2 or something like it is ultimately a better solution because if you then redistribute the app no user modifications will be needed for it to just work. Okay, if you're interested in why all this is, here's my understanding: When you double-click the app, it actually runs the startwine bash script. You can run it from the terminal if you want to make some debug output or anything. startwine reads BIN_FILE from the WineProgramPath key in Info.plist, and switches any \ to / because of windows vs. unix path shenanigans. Unless you changes the plist file it now ends up running wine and pointing it at the OCTGN.exe under users/User. This checks for new versions of OCTGN, and since the version that's bundled in the .app is old, it finds one. It now installs that under users/${USER} (where ${USER} is your actual user name), and runs that. So you now have the new version installed, but the next time the app runs, it runs the old one under users/User again, which installs and runs the new version under users/${USER}. Option #1 works because it points startwine to the correct path, but it could break if OCTGN hasn't been run at least once before you make the change. #2 works by switching the path IF it actually finds the file there, making it much less likely to break.


who can give it a shot????

This does not work with the most version of OS X. Thoughts?

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