Mac test client

We have a test client for running OCTGN on a mac. All you need to do is download it, unzip it, and double click it. 

Please let us know how this works, as it's currently experimental.

Any issues you have please report them here, as this isn't officially supported, we won't answer support tickets about it.

Yay!! Installing now. Will give feedback when testing tomorrow

Tested this out last night. A lot of visual artifact, and almost immediate crash upon entering a game. My machine is a late 2008 MBP running OS X Lion, 4gb of ram. I don't remember if I got an error message, I'll run it again tonight and post it here.
Uploading your log files after a crash is needed to fnd the issue.

Log attached.


Is this a wine port? I am getting significant graphic fragmentation. Also, it will not let me install a game. It just spins.

Just tried installing and not getting much of anything.  First time I launched I got this error:

It eventually came up to a big grey box.  I clicked in it and got a link to a twitter status but it did nothing else.

Tried to launch a second time, did not get the error but still came up to a empty grey box.  Clicking in the box did not produce anything this time.

2008 iMac w/ 4G memory.

Got a new Wine directory in ~Library/AppSupport, but no OCTGN directory I can see so I'm not sure what you would want for logs.

Hi, i just installed and ran the mac client.  i left it open and went to do a few other things, and in the duration i was gone, it had an error and crashed.  i've attached the error file.

i'm on a MBA 2011, running OS X 10.9


so excited ... downloading now. 

I had the same problem Jake Di Toro had. I closed the app and re-ran it. I got a big grey box for about 10 min then this error came up. 

The show details gave no information it just said "loading details" and never updated. 

Managed to download ok, and attempted to open it. Once I'd realised you have to use ctrl + open to open a program from an unrecognised developer, it attempts to open, but nothing happens - the icon just bounces up and down in my dock until I'm forced to use Force Quit on it.

Good to see the attempt to develop a Mac client - thank you!

you just need to wait a while for it to start up.  it took me a few tries to open it.  once it finally did, i turned off hardware acceleration and it was good to go.

about 50 minutes in, the game became unsynced and we couldn't interact with the board any more though.  but it worked fine prior to that.

This is great news!  Appreciate the OCTGN folks trying this out!  I loaded it and tried it out, but the program shut down a couple times in the middle of either loading AGoT, or trying a practice game alone.  Looking forward to full functionality, and supporting OCTGN financially! :)

Got the program to open and the images uploaded.  When I try to create a deck on the deck builder or play a solo test run game against myself, I get a program error message (attached).


I'm able to get things running, albeit with very flashy/glitchy graphics.  A few minutes messing around or trying to start a game will usually get me this attached error message.  Thanks so much for working on a Mac client!  Would love to have this work out!

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