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i can't register

every time i click "register" to create a profile i get the something unexpected happened message. so i literally cant make a profile to play on.

Are you still having this problem?


What browser are you using?

Also, do you have javascript enabled? It's required.

my friends profile thats already made runs fine, its just that i can't create one. we have everything thats required.

Well the only error that I'm seeing is that someone is trying to create an account with a username that's already in use. I'm not sure if it's you, but if you have an up to date browser and javascript you would see this message on the top of the page, that's why I ask what you're using.

chrome. and the java should be up to date as well, the trying to make an account thing cant be me, because i click on register and i get the error message

What username are you trying to use?

i haven't gotten that far . You can't even type in a username?

thanks for the link. all i needed i guess

Great. If I could ask, where were you going before? 

on the login screen, theres a register button

This is most likely an error on our part. There's no need to report this as we are already most likely working on a fix.

this pops up when a friend of mine is trying to register so we can play some MTG.

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