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is octgn support change menu text to other language ?

 hi, i wanna translate octgn language to Chinese ,

is there has language text file to do that ??

thx :)

No there isn't at this time. If you would like to find strings of text in the program, put them into a file, and then put in translations, we would use your work to replace our system with one that could allow for language files. We just haven't had time to even think about things like that.

hi K.E

thanks for your reply.

attach file is translated excel file

field a is English

field b is Chinese

hope to be useful

thank you.


hi, i saw new dir "zh-Hans" in octgn, seems support chinese now, but could you tell me how to use it ?? 


That's part of a library, it isn't part of OCTGN itself, so no, we still don't have support. If anyone is interested in translating our interface we would gladly add support though.

could you tell me how to do that??

i m ready to finish it. 

i m already uploaded chinese text in this thread

hi, i wanna translate octgn language to korean too, possible?

korean file upload. 


THank you for these lists

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