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OCTGN Profile Crash


Every time I right-click on a user and select "Profile", OR, when I click the profile tab at the top of the page to view my profile, the profile comes up and then OCTGN crashes.

Ant help will be very appreciated and thanks for your time, I know it's valuable.

Gary Bergeron OCTGN: (Wimpgod)

theyosh83 has also reported this problem

now mndela also

Thanks for the log file, we'll dig into this.

Mndela reports his profile crash was not fixed by the latest update.  He remembers it started when shared decks were added to the profile.  He's no longer online but I will check to see if they are in Spanish.

The bug never got addressed with the last update, those changes were other things that got done before this was reported.

More info.  Mndela's deck titles are in English with no special characters.
Mndela reported crashing viewing not only his profile but some other people's as well.

He could not view my profile, but I could.

I deleted my one saved deck, and then he was able to view my profile without crashing.

He posted another log

Should be fixed in version

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