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OCTGN reinstalls every time I start it?

 After I install OCTGN, every time I click the icon to start the game it reinstalls, or seems to. Is that the normal way for the program to run? It may be, it seems to start fine, but I wonder if I'm just doing something whacky?

There aren't any instances of OCTGN when I run task manager. Should I delete all the files on my computer first, then re-download? In my control panel add/remove programs, there isn't a link to uninstall OCTGN.


Yeah give that a shot.

"It's simply not possible for the installer to do that unless the wrong exe is being run the first time. Try using the shortcut that OCTGN makes for you in your start menu." -d0c

Exact same problem as the OP, this fixed it for me.

My OCTGN didn't make a shortcut for me in my start menu when I installed it. This is my third time running into this issue--basically I uninstalled and reinstalled OCTGN which got rid of the error for a bit, but after a few playthroughs it always comes back to the same error where an installation screen pops when I click the .exe file. I have no idea what causes it and my ticket on the issue went more or less unanswered, so I think I'm just done with OCTGN. I am not willing to continually sacrifice my computer space for a program that does not work. 

Try using this file to launch OCTGN. Just place it on your desktop and run it and let me know.


Did this work for you?

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