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OCTGN reinstalls every time I start it?

 After I install OCTGN, every time I click the icon to start the game it reinstalls, or seems to. Is that the normal way for the program to run? It may be, it seems to start fine, but I wonder if I'm just doing something whacky?

Did this work for you?

Try using this file to launch OCTGN. Just place it on your desktop and run it and let me know.


My OCTGN didn't make a shortcut for me in my start menu when I installed it. This is my third time running into this issue--basically I uninstalled and reinstalled OCTGN which got rid of the error for a bit, but after a few playthroughs it always comes back to the same error where an installation screen pops when I click the .exe file. I have no idea what causes it and my ticket on the issue went more or less unanswered, so I think I'm just done with OCTGN. I am not willing to continually sacrifice my computer space for a program that does not work. 

"It's simply not possible for the installer to do that unless the wrong exe is being run the first time. Try using the shortcut that OCTGN makes for you in your start menu." -d0c

Exact same problem as the OP, this fixed it for me.

Yeah give that a shot.

There aren't any instances of OCTGN when I run task manager. Should I delete all the files on my computer first, then re-download? In my control panel add/remove programs, there isn't a link to uninstall OCTGN.


Have you tried killing all octgn's in your task manager, then downloading the lastest version from and installing it?

Also worth noting, at the point I sent this log, the install window was up, as was a dialogue saying "An unexpected problem has occured, we will now close OCTGN" After I hit OK to that dialog, the install window was still up. I had not noticed that in the past, but I'm guessing that happens regularly.

I then clicked "Install and the program started. At the end of that process, in the install window, is a long list of stuff that looks like a log of some kind. I copied those details and pasted them into a .txt file attached here in case that's helpful. And since I'm posting another reply here, I'm also attaching the log.txt file to this post, but this is the log after the program started correctly (after install, etc.)


(177 KB)
Sure thing, it's attached here. There are 10 files in that folder, titled log.txt.1 (through 10), as well as this log.txt file, in case any of them matter.


(13.3 KB)

Hey, after you start it and it kicks off the update(but before you press any buttons in the update), could you go to my documents/octgn/octgn/logs/log.txt and send that to me?

Only the two files I mentioned (screenshot attached)


You should search around and see if you have another octgn.exe somewhere if you would.

I know it seems strange, but that is what's happening. The shortcut I'm using is the one that was created on install. I went to the directory that it points to to see if there's another file called OCTGN.exe (although i realize that's impossible). There's not, this file is the only one. So I simply double clicked on the OCTGN.ext file on the hard drive, and the same thing happened. There is a file in the directory called OCTGN.exe.config, could that be the intended file?

There is no link in my control panel to allow me to uninstall OCTGN, which I would think I should do and then reinstall, to see if this persists? Is there a preferred way to uninstall, or should I simply delete all the files in the folder?


It's simply not possible for the installer to do that unless the wrong exe is being run the first time. Try using the shortcut that OCTGN makes for you in your start menu.

I don't think so. Attached are screenshots showing the properties for the shortcut, and the folders the program installed into.


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