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Frustrated with my ineptness, I need help getting OCTGN going for Netrunner


I'm very unsure why this is so difficult, but every time I try to get OCTGN up and running to play Android: Netrunner I hit a wall.

The most basic problem I have is that every time I try to do something (install the program, add an image pack) I get an "Installing Image Pack - you can switch tabs if you like type message, with what looks like a status bar. And that is it. I have let that screen sit there for hours, and it never stops.

When I installed the program, it happened, so I quit and went back in and the program was installed. A friend and I tried logging in to play, but the same thing happened - nothing.

I'm not sure if I'm describing this problem very accurately, but I am pretty confused and not sure how to describe it any better. Any help would be appreciated.

I use Windows 7, 64 Bit if that matters. I've got a low end video card and 4GB ram.

Thanks for any help,


PS - I just figured out how to post a screen shot, I hope that helps.

Try installing one image pack at a time.

That is the only image pack I'm installing, not sure what you mean by that?


You should ask around in the community chat, not sure if you've tried that already.

I have managed to get the program running, so thanks for responding here. It is quite excellent, I need to see if there's a way to make it run a little faster on my computer.




Glad you got it working, what was the problem?

I wish I knew, it just started working after one uninstall/reinstall. I may have been too impatient, as I've mentioned it seems pretty slow on my machine. I may have thought it was hung up when it wasn't.
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