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Search Keydown Action Code or code for Send Card to Back

 Hello, like i write in the Topic,

i am "Search Keydown Action Code or code for Send Card to Back" for OCTGN Game.

Because i like to create a Action Code that draw a Card send them to Table and there to the Back so that the other cards that are on the Table are in Front of the Card, just like it is wenn you use "Page Down" key with mous over Card ingame.

My Code @ Moment look like this:

def drawRT(group, x = 0, y = 0):
if len(shared.RoomTiles) == 0: return
notify("{} draws a Room Tile.".format(me))

And upto the Point it gos to special x, y Coordination on table it work but i dont know how go on.....

Pleas Help if you can.

Thanks to all Reader

your Tflk3

you can use the card.index property to set the card's Z-index (back to front) in any group, including the table.  A Z-index of 0 on the table is the furthest back card.

You can also use card.sendToBack() and card.sendToFront() to send the card to the top or bottom of the table.

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Thanks a Lot for you Info and the Fast Help ^^

To all -
Have a nice day


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