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I have created my own card game, and I am trying to get it into an online format so that players may playtest the game, even if they are not local to each other.

Is anyone interested in creating a game client for OCTGN to help me get it up and running?

If so I can get you an NDA as well as get you into the playtest group!


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Hey DiscipleofPanKu,

It looks like OCTGN uses Python, which is actually a very newby-friendly programming language. I learned it myself not too long ago, and I think that you would have a great time learning it and using this card game on OCTGN as your first project to use the language on. The best way to start out is this online book that I learned from:

Most of those examples apply to automation scripting and stuff, but the basics of Python are all throughout, and should be enough to get you started with scripting for OCTGN. ( I don't have any experience with OCTGN's code so that may be disingenuous) Something I've learned in my brief time of deving indie stuff, is that the people with the skills to do this sort of thing are typically already working on their own projects. Empower yourself and make your dreams come true man!

Hope this helps!


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