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Octgn not starting for me...

As the title says, Octgn won't start.  I'm on Windows 8.1 and have a fresh install of Octgn  I've checked in the Task Manager and it shows as running, but no windows are visible.  I found a few similar problems in the forums, but they were all over a year old and the advice didn't change anything.

Any thoughts on troubleshooting this?

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After a bit more searching I found this post:  Octgn on network share

"Documents" is linked to a network share for backup purposes, but it looks like the actual path for "Documents" is also pointing to the network share, whether I'm connected to the network or not.  I tried to install the hotfix suggested in the above post, but it fails to install.  It states that the hotfix "does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on you computer".

Is it possible to install Octgn to another location?  I actual have two "Documents" folders in my user account.  The one that is linked to the network share and a standard local folder.  The install automatically pushes the install to the network share for some reason.

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