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OCTGN Freezes after period of time

It appears as though OCTGN will freeze and or crash after a period of time. It will then not be able to be reopened without restarting the computer.

It appears to happen on Windows 7, but that's so far the only thing in common.

2 people have this problem

After like 1weeks, i just try to play again...

And... It took like 3minutes to completely Freeze.

So this time, i'm off for good. This stupid bug is happening all the time, with no apparent reasons...

I join my "log" in case it might show anything...

Good luck to everyone getting this bug. Hope you will resolve it.


(1.44 MB)

Thanks for all the info, it should help us solve the issue. Currently it's the holiday season for us so we haven't had much time to look into this issue. It's fairly complicated because this doesn't happen to all users, only a select few, so we need to first figure out a way to duplicate before we can hope to fix it. That's why the more information we can get from those with the issue, the better a chance we have of fixing the problem.

Aorakis - sorry to hear that didn't work. It did clear up the bug for me. I actually had a full game of Conquest. Changing the Wine setting to True did the trick. Make sure you saved after changing?
Once again. Got a freeze.

Here's the Log again ;)



(56.8 KB)

I have been having this problem. I am running OCTGN on a 2014 MacBook Pro using Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) via Boot Camp. I tried using the .NET Framework Repair Tool that was recommended to me earlier, but it did not solve the problem.

I've been running into this issue across multiple games (and even just the OCTGN deckbuilder).

HP Pavilion dm4 laptop.  Integrated Intel graphics card.

Intel Core i5  m 460 @ 2.53 GHz
4.00 GB RAM

32-bit OS

Windows 7 Ultimate up to date.  


It appears that after having run all possible (both recommended and facultative) Windows 7 updates that were available on Windows update, I am apparently no longer experiencing crashes.

Seems quite early since I only played through 2 games since then. But when crashes happened previously, that was during every single game, so I figured that sharing this information might help. Good luck trying to solve it !
We might have found something.

Apparently there's an octgn file, that make every application trying opening nor read it to freeze. (on my computer), and it might be, avast that make those "reading" in the dark.

I said "It might" coz we're not sure yet, but since i uninstall avast, i got no freeze anymore for like 20hours now.

So i'm gonna check if it's still ok and tell you guys.


I got now, an other issue...

My octgn, can't find any party in the "Play or Spectate" area...

Anyone who got that before ?

(i'm cursed with this octgn ^^)


I Tried that and it does'nt fix anything on mine.


d0c, I'll mail you my laptop to look at if it would help. I recently wiped it so pretty empty. I'd just ask that you send it back :P
As i said, same problem here

Windows 7 64Bit sp1
Intel Core I5-2500 @3.30Ghz

Fact is, that i used octgn for few days, weeks before this happened without having any trouble at all instead of some lags from time to time. But never freezes like that..

Now it's all the time...

I haven't change anything on my computer, and everything else works just fine...

I did the Framework stuff, rendering graphic swithc, nothing worked.

It happens after a while, no matter wich use or game i used. (Mostly LOTR and deck builder), but freezes also appears with only the chat room opened...

Do you need anything else ?


I'll be asking for more information as I dig deeper into this.

Same, also using Windows 7. This track aone seems a bit light though :)
Good news - switching UsingWine to true seems to have fixed this problem on my Windows partition!


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