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Plugins (WoW & Pokemon TCG)

So, I got the urge to start messing with these card games. I have played Pokemon in the past with Lackey, and I love the MMO, so I installed the WoW TCG, also on Lackey. But I have begun using Octgn in the past couple years. I like the features it has more. Last week I found an old version of the WoW TCG plugin and downloaded it. But it has issues. And there are missing cards in both the Lackey and Octgn plugins for WoW. Not to mention how it is setup. So I have decided to start working on the WoW plugin, rebuilding it to completion for it to be included on the Game Feed once again. What I am trying to do now is get the table setup. Where you can have a board for 1v1 games, and a special 4-area board that will support 2v2, 3v1, 1v1v1v1, etc games. (It took me most of the day yesterday to work out how to create the board image, so that the cards would match the size of the spaces. I came close to destroying my PC!) I am also wanting to set up the plugin for Raids. I'm not even sure if there is a following for this game anymore. I am primarily doing this for myself. I use Octgn as a solo player. No home internet means I can't really connect to others. So I use a desktop and laptop to run two copies, and play against myself. Which is better than nothing, I guess. The current plugin doesn't support raids very much. It has a few spaces in the Deck Editor, but they don't really work right. Not to knock the previous people who worked on the plugin, but it seems rather lacking. Being a single player, I want to setup the deck editor so I can build a 4 person raiding party. With 4 separate heroes and decks, to all be loaded in at the same time. Then you just go through the "turns" by switching around on the board and using different cards. It should be easier than it sounds. I came on here to post in search of help, primarily in the gathering of images for the Pokemon plugin. I only get to use the WiFi at the local library. I can download the images, no problem. It's just going through and getting them one at a time that is going to take me forever. What I need is someone who likes the Pokemon TCG and is willing to gather the images, putting each set into a different folder, then taking all those folders and placing them into a single folder to zip either with WinRar or 7Zip, then uploading that to Mediafire and providing me with a link. I'd prefer the images come from, as these are MUCH larger than the ones at Pokebeach. At least the Phantom Force's Golbat I just checked on both sites is. On the order of 3x the size. Anyways, if there is anyone willing to help, I'd more than appreciate it. It would be a significant boost in getting the plugin up and running on Octgn. I should be at the library again tomorrow to check on this. After that I won't be back here until Monday, and then probably once a week after that. Thanks for reading this!

Hi, sorry for the slow reply here. Yes, the Pokemon and WoW TCGS used to be hosted on the feed, but they were "discontinued" a good while ago due to being of subpar quality and missing many cards.  AFAIK there has been very little interest in playing WoWTCG on here to begin with due to the game being cancelled.  As for Pokemon, last time I looked into it there were several dedicated apps available that were already built to play the game (not including the official online game client), so there wasn't really strong demand to bring it back here.

 I am still working on this. I can usually get through about one full basic set per day, when time permits. I am adding ALL of the cards. The 1.5 version I found online that I have been building upon was really a horrible quality plugin. Lots of useless or missing info. The game was nearly unplayable, and the filters in the deck builder were useless as well. Because so much info was left out, as it relied heavily on reading info from the cards.

I am using I did a site rip and got all of the good quality images. So when the plugin is done and version 2.0 is released, every card is going to be over 300 pixels in width, and as clear as I can get them.

For the Pokemon, I have only added in the Base Set, but I am working on it as well. So far support for it will be for the following:

Trainer Battles -- Single, Double, Triple Threat (3v3 Pokemon, with 3 on the Bench), and Blitz (6v6 pokemon, no bench) The last two are my own custom design.

Team Battles -- Four trainers in an online match.

RPG -- a 1-2 player scripting, in which you build decks, and it plays much like the GBA/NDS games. You will start in a region hometown, get your first deck from a Professor, and travel the land. The second player can step in and play Wild Pokemon encounter decks, AI Trainer decks, Team and Gym decks, and even decks for the Legendary Pokemon. You will gain Poke in the Trainer fights, and chances to earn Pokemon cards during the Wild Pokemon fights. Progress will be saved (as best I can make it) so you can return later and pick up where you left off.

It is an ambitious project, but one I hope will make Octgn the best for Pokemon TCG card battles.

Briefly back to WoW TCG, I intend to start making custom cards to release once I get all of the official ones finished. To bring in Monks and Pandaren, and to get some of the content from the newer expansions of WoW. I want to release dungeons to cover all of the normal Instances, and new Raids to cover those that weren't released. I also want to tap into the WoW RPG, in order to add new classes for Heroes and Allies. I have Magic Set Editor, and with a little work I can get the cards blanked in order to use that.

If anyone wants to help with that, I would appreciate it. It would save me a lot of time on this project. Just getting Magic Set Editor's WoW TCG plugin would be a huge help. The current version is...subpar.

I nearly have the entire Original Series of Pokemon entered into the plugin. I am working now on setting up the Kanto region for RPG Mode. Once it is all ready, I am going to need a beta tester for the plugin. So far, it uses variables you have to keep track of. Basically you enter them when you start playing, and the game tracks them. When you are ready to quit, there will be a "Save" feature, that gives you the numbers to write down. The numbers are coded for various things.

This will enable some to cheat in RPG mode, but that isn't very important. It's not a huge thing, and since you can battle with all the cards anyways normally, cheating doesn't mean as much.

The numbers to save are:

Trainer ID: 5 digits that govern these qualities: Trainer Gender, Current Region, Current Location, Multiplayer(in the case of multiple trainers exploring RPG mode together)

Secret ID: Which Gyms/Elite Four have been defeated. Beating the Leader gives you a part of the number, which also governs which HMs you can use in a region. For example, you must beat the Gym Leader that enables Surf, in order to travel on Surf move locations.

Poke ID: A simple ID that governs how much money you have at the present time. Poke is used to purchase packs/sets at the PokeMarts. These are special RPG boosters using the Limited game functionality.

Rival ID: Similar to the Trainer ID, this governs information about your Rival. Gender and Name being two of those facets.

Event ID: This last ID is for the special Story Mode events. These are major events that normally appear in the NDS/GBA games. Not mini-side events, which have no tracking. This would  be like Team Rocket trying to take over, etc.

So far I am planning on putting in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. The XY region will not be present until later on, after I obtain a 3DS and copies of the XY games. Some of the numbers above will change when that happens, because the 5-digit Secret ID only supports the gyms of five regions.



Admirable the work and investment. The hoarder in me really expects to check on your development...though, which are the links for the octgn definition and for the card designs? Much appreciated in advance.

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