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Generating set.xml


I'm trying to find info about how to generate the files needed for a plugin, but I can't find anything useful.

I mostly understand the idea behind the creation of a plugin, but how do you generate the set.xml files for example? Is it actually necessary to manually write down hundreds of cards each with it set of properties? I suppose the schemas are there for that, but I have no idea how to use them.
Any hints? Is there a tutorial for this?

I mean, sure, all the properties and names of the cards will have to be written down, but I assume there's a way to generate the xml file with the tags and everything needed by taking the card data from something like an already written excel file, I just can't figure out how.


my understanding is that most game devs put the card data together in a spreadsheet and use that to create a .csv, which they then write some code to parse that into the xml file. 

I recommend hanging out in the #octgn irc (irc:// or the web client) there's usually at least a couple other game devs around who can help.

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