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OCTGN cannot/will not open downloaded o8d files

 I used to be able to download o8d files and tell OCTGN to open them, and now it does nothing.  If I open OCTGN, and request it open a file, it gives me the following error:

"Could not load deck from C:...... , there was an unspecified problem"

This only happens to downloaded o8d files, if I create a decklist myself, I can open and reopen it with no problem.  I have tried reinstalling OCTGN, and this issue is across multiple games (Netrunner, Conquest, and AGOT 2.0).  I just installed AGOT 2.0, and immediately had the issue, so I have doubts that reinstalling the games will work.

Thanks for any help or advice.

Could you provide your log file?

 I would love to.

(21.6 KB)

So you double click the .o8d file, and then nothing happens at all? Does the startup screen show up(the one with the update stuff)?

It was apparently because the files were downloaded as "Read-Only". 

Now if only I knew why that was...


Well I'm glad you got it figured out

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