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When OCTGN opens the bottom of the window is off screen. cant resize window to see bottom two inchese.

 Will somebody please help me. I really want to play mage wars and i cant because i cant see the chat input text body and whatever else is down on that part of the screen because when OCTGN opens the top window border is flush with the top of my Windows 8 screen but the OCTGN window is so large that the bottom two inches are off the bottom of my screen. i tried re-sizing the window with the border adjustment arrows bringing the top border down then trying to move the whole window up so i could see the bottom but it wouldnt let me bring the top border down far enough to let me bring the whole window up. so i dont know what to do; my screen resolution is fine; i can see the bottom of my os screen but for some reason OCTGN opens so it fills beyond my screen. okplzhalp.


What's your screen resolution?

Why does the screen shot look all crazy?

idk why i cant get a normal screen shot but my screen isnt those crazy colors. the resolution is 1920x 1080


its just the bottom most portion is off the screen and i cant move the window far enough and i cant resize the window to be small enough


You probably need to reduce your dpi.

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