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2 Suggestions

1. In-game voice chat. No need to use other solutions really.
2. Resizable fonts in thye chat window for us without 20/20 vision.

1. all I'm gonna say here is I have no interest in trying to set this up personally, and there's no use trying to convince me, maybe you can talk one of the other devs into it, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. if both you and your opponent are interested there are numerous options out there, some of which don't require any more than a modern browser.

2. Thanks for the reminder, I only recently learned that the in-game chat didn't obey the font size settings from the main options and I meant to fix it, but I didn't get a chance.

Thanks for the reply. For number one, that is ok. There are perfectly fine solutions already existing, but I just thought it would be very convenient to have it directly in the client.
For numer two, it is greatly appreciated if this would be fixed. Everything else I can see clearly, but not the chat.

Thanks for a great piece of software that I will continue to support for many years to come.


just wanted to mention, the chat size in game will now follow the setting from the main options.

Thanks again for pointing that out, and if you find anything else let us know either here or by creating an issue on our GitHub. (I'm better about seeing things on github, but either is fine)

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