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OCTGN Cheating Issue

Hey guys, I found a simple way to cheat in OCTGN (tested in Android Netrunner). I don't know if you are already aware of the found possibilty which shows me the cards of my opponent. I already opened a support ticket on this, but got no response. If any developer wants to discuss this topic, please let me know. Benjamin

OCTGN is basically for playtests.  Cheating would be a stupid way to playtest.

yes, OCTGN by itself is not a secure way to play games.  Even something as simple as modifying the game's python scripts can open up opportunities to cheating.  This cannot be controlled with OCTGN's current implementation, as quite a bit of the game states are stored locally on the player's clients. There are future plans to address the "security" of games, which had originally been part of the subscription funding campaign

okay, i was just wondering


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