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OCTGN persistent crashing

Login is fine, but after trying to either START a game or JOIN a game under the "play/spectate" tab OCTGN freezes/crashes. Every time. Tried uninstall and reinstall, no change. Any help is appreciated. 

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can you tell us a little more about your system? things like, version of windows, .NET, about your graphics/audio adapters, or whatever else you can think of. also, if you could post any logs you have from when this happens, that would also be helpful. you can post your log from the last time you launched the program from the help menu.

some things you can try in the meantime would be changing some of the settings such as hardware rendering in the options (restarting OCTGN if necessary) and trying again. also, you can try repairing your .NET by going to remove programs in your control panel and selecting repair. 

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