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Windows 10 crashes

Hi all

Today I upgraded to Windows 10, and now OCTGN is crashing midway through every game. It just hangs. Has anyone else experienced this?

can you tell us more about your system? is it a touchscreen system, a desktop, what kind of graphics hardware does it have, anything else you can think of that might help? also, if you can post your log file, that'd help too. (can be done from the help menu in OCTGN)

I've been using 10 almost as long as the pre-releases have been available to the public, and though I haven't actually gotten to play many games lately, I haven't had any issues with it, so we need as much info about your circumstances as possible.

Thanks for the reply pal, I will revert with the details once I get home tonight. May I check for the log file, should I send the "current" or the "previous" file, or both?

Ah I got it, "previous" refers to the last login. In that case, I may not have the right one available, since after OCTGN crashed I may have shut down the program and then logged in again to let my opponent know what had happened.

In that event I will play some more until it crashes and then upload the "previous" log here. Thanks again!

The game crashed again today (so I had to crash it via the task manager)'s the log. The game was lagging before that with sound effects coming well before the on-screen action.

I am using a new laptop; it is a Dell Inspiron 15, Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64 bit.

(445 KB)

Here are another couple of files I found in the OCTGN folder from yesterday.

(87.7 KB)
(130 KB)

I tried modifying my laptop settings to maximize performance but it still crashed, this time within a minute of starting a game.

(76.1 KB)

unfortunately, if it's just locking up and you have to kill the task yourself, there's no error message in the logs, but it does seem to be happening when trying to initialize a sound each time, so for now all I can suggest is that you disable sounds in the options. have you noticed if OCTGN has a high resource use (CPU, Disk, etc.) when you go to kill it?

also, you may want to try changing some of OCTGN's other settings such as hardware rendering and transparency to see if they have any impact on your performance. 

oh, one last thing, I'd be curious what the diagnostics window (in the help menu) is showing your FPS to be. (also might be helpful in determining if changing the above settings are helping)

Hi pal

I think I have a solution for now- to roll back to Windows 8! I think that can be done within 30 days of upgrading. If I have any further issues following that I will let you know (along with the above requested information).

PS I had already adjusted the above OCTGN settings (except for sound), and followed other advice (such as installing EMET) as per the following thread (but without success):

haha, well that sounds a bit like the nuclear option, but at the same time, you have a year to get their free upgrade (you may actually be able to do it later than that now that you've claimed it, I have no idea how they're dealing with that, but it'd make sense) and it might not be a bad idea to to wait for them to iron some wrinkles out. :P hopefully for the both of us it's some kind of driver issue, or something, and they get it sorted out before you try upgrading again (or I suppose if it is our problem, that we figure out what the deal is. :P ). 

This has been happening to me too, and also to another user who presented me with a workaround which is working for him (I've yet to test).

If you edit the settings.json file and remove the line which says "Asked if using Wine: true", this seems to fix the fault. However, each time you launch OCTGN the line gets recreated, so you have to edit it out after each launch (or alternatively set up a script that does it for you).

Hope that helps in diagnosing and sorting out an update to fix the problem!

Well, never mind. I just tested and that wasn't the issue (at least not for me). Client froze mid-game again.

yeah, that's a workaround I've heard of for dealing with an issue we're having with non-English versions of .NET (no idea why it matters, but I'm glad they've gotten something working at least). 

but anyway, if you can contribute anything, logs, something going on in the game that seems to precede the crashing, or any of the stuff I asked for above really, the more info we get the better chance we have of figuring out what is causing the problem. 

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