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Exporting images from an image pack

Hi there,
I'm interested in using some card art for other purposes (Pathfinder character art, etc.) and was wondering if there was a way to export artwork from an image pack into a different format?

image packs are just renamed zip folders. if you open it in a zip program you should be able to find all the card images in the contained folders


Scanning in all my cards seems like a colossal amount of work. Isn't there someone who has already made the o8c files I can get a copy from?

this post was originally about accessing the data contained in an existing image pack, not creating a new one, I simply linked the instructions on making a new one as it contained information about what their structure is. 

we do not provide any image packs ourselves, so I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. also, if you do decide to scan in your own cards, subscribers can add them by simply dropping the images on the card preview in the deck editor, this will automatically build the folder structure and name the file for you.

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