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Impossible to add gamefeed

 Hi !

A strange problem, i will try to be clear in my explanations !

I was trying to install a new game (agot V2 beta) and his image pack and i didn't achieve well by my own to install this beta version. I find my way trying lot of things including uninstall and re install but finally the game worked fine with simpler manipulations.

But, while all is working,  i can play, i can deckbuild, i see that everytimes i launch octgn my personnal gamefeed is not appearing in the right slot (under local or octgn official). Yet my games are well installed (for example, as soon as in launch the game and log in, i can acces to deck editor and deckbuild for any of my games).

Whenever i restart octgn the game feed I recreated previous session is still not appearing under "local" or "octgn official" and i must re create it !

As a side note but maybe linked, octgn is not appearing when trying to uninstall from windows "uninstall programs" (sorry my windows is in french so not the exact wording) and i must uninstall directly from the octgn fodder;

Other side effect maybe : i have not c:/users/appdata/octgn at all...

This is a minor hindance as all is working but if you can help you would be very wlecomed ! hope my problem is clearly explained sorry for my english !

I'm actually not sure how the "local" feed works right now, but my understanding is that it is only used for developing games. 

other feeds are essentially web addresses that point to a list of games which can be downloaded and will be automatically kept up to date; these lists cannot be changed unless you are the owner of the feed and add or remove the game from the server. if you are trying install a game that is not on any of your listed feeds, adding a feed that has that game on it is the best way to do that.

as for OCTGN not appearing in the uninstall programs list, and not having a folder in your appdata, these are both normal; the program is entirely contained in your Doccuments/OCTGN folder, and deleting that will remove the program completely (except for any shortcuts such as those in the start menu, but those can be deleted manually). 

I'm too new around here to know if there's any other reason the program isn't listed in uninstall programs, but I've never thought much of it because 100% of the program is in a single folder.

Thanks for your tips...

Uninstall is working now.

Yet still impossible to see my gamefeed but there seems to have no consequence on my games so...


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