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critical bug in the "octgn is lagging" feature


Please take a look at the support ticket I filed. The thing is quite severe I would say.

Long story short:

[Lag Window UI Thread] Octgn.OctgnApp [(null)] - UNHANDLED EXCEPTION



(6.96 KB)

Ok so tell me more about your computer

Do you need any more information about the setup? If so, what specifically?

Same here ;/
I have just updated octgn after not playing for month and like every 2/3 games i have somethings unexpected happens and octgn must be closed.
What can i do?


Do your computers have touch capabilities? also, try running in comparability mode for windows 7 or vista and see if that helps.

I have been experiencing problems with the crash box as well, so I'll drop some logs here. Also, yes my machine does have touch capabilities.

(114 KB)
(116 KB)

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have you tried using compatibility mode? also, would one of you try opening the limited window (Game -> Limited Game OR Ctrl+Shift+L) and see if that can cause the crash as well? it seems to be caused by a problem in windows 8 that only shows up on systems that have touch, but if it doesn't happen anywhere except with the lag window and that window, it might actually be pretty easy to work around.

also, I'm correct in understanding the rest of the program is still pretty stable right? you aren't getting crashes opening the deck editor or the main window or anything?

well, maybe not easy... but it would at least be a start.


Just played around with a limited game window controls for about 5 minutes, didn't notice anything suspicious.

I think you guys are overthinking the issue. Check out feelings of the Netrunner community. A lot of people hate those popups, regardless if they experience crashes or not. Sometimes it is wise to simply rollback the unfortunate new feature and move on.

The issue here is that previously there has been tons of negative feedback, complaints and confusions regarding the recurring window freezing that players experienced during games.  The game window locks up while it's processing scripts from the python engine and loading large amounts of data (such as when OCTGN loads a deck and converts that data into the card objects used in-game).  A lot of times it looks like OCTGN has crashed, and users prematurely close out of games before it has a chance to finish.  And the games that have large, inefficient python processes tend to be the biggest culprits of this.

The lag window was designed as a way for OCTGN to provide feedback to the user that what is going on is normal, not to panic, and just wait for it to finish loading.  I'm not arguing that the first execution of it was perfect, and its definitely not the prettiest thing out there, but its there to serve a specific function.
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