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help plz

hello iam having a problem with octgn i cant seem to open it at all, it keeps trying to redownload it even thou its already downloaded and i used it early in the day today (july 5 2015).. this is what happened step by step... i get home i go and click on my octgn shortcut and it opens up a web page and it try's to download its self and i let it and then it starts to say it cant do serente files and i can ethier (abort retry or ignore) so i try retry nothin happens and so i try to ignore it and it brings up another file and another to where i clicked ignore at least 15 times and it finish's and then it say another octgn is run and if i want to close so i do and it brings up the launcher again and re does this process again... i have already tryed to delete octgn and redownload it but now it wont let it download at all... of anyone can tell me whats up it be awesome causse i havent had any issue's at all until tonight (july 5 2015 at 11:45pm cdt) thank you for any and all help

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Ok here is what I'd try.

1) Restart your PC

2) Delete the folder My Documents/octgn/octgn

3) Download octgn again

4) Install OCTGN

It should work at this point. If it doesn't let me know.

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