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Lag Out

As you all know, OCTGN recently released an update.

I got the update, and everything on my dash is working fine.  I can build decks, view and participate in chat, download game definitions, etc.

However, whenever I play any game, while the actual game client is open (and actually starting a few seconds before), octgn starts to lag.  This lag does not stop for minutes at a time and while lagging I can perform no functions or close the client (which is the definition of lag).  When it stops lagging I have anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes before it begins lagging again.

I have turned the white lag notification box ("OCTGN is lagging") off because it's annoying, and surprisingly that has actually decreased my lag frequency and duration.

This is NOT a problem with my internet connection. I know this for a fact because I am jacked into the wall using a CAT5e.

Okay, so I went looking for it again... it's about halfway down the octgn.python.config.dll.txt file:

It's in the weird gibberish thing that binary files do when you open them in a text editor, but when you sort it out, it says 




All you have to do is switch the frozen message to "disabled".

Mostly my question is just why it's lagging in the first place, since this computer is brand new with full memory and two i7s.  And I guess I'm also wondering if it's just because the new update is still a bit buggy.

Where did you download octgn from? Also where is this file located?

I downloaded octgn from about a year and a half ago, and installed the updates as they came out.

The file is inside the OCTGN folder, which is on the same level as Config, GameDatabase, Plugins, etc.

... wait, are you asking because you don't have that file?

Yup, no idea what that is, pretty much was just thinking you're making that part up to be honest.

Well, that's btchtastic.  Well, however you slice it, I don't see that lag box.

You have any idea of why I'm getting so much lag?

Yeah. I mean you said your computer is 3 years old, which actually is kind of old for a computer. Maybe you just have too many things running or need to reinstall windows or something.

Bro, my computer is 3 DAYS old.

octgn.python.config.dll.txt ? I'm not seeing this file anywhere in the octgn install, not even anything remotely close to it.

Ahh well.  I'm not gonna mess with it, since it's working fine except for the lag.

You can't actually turn the lag notification off, I'm not sure what you mean by that. Also it has nothing to do with you internet connection most likely, this is more than likely an issue with your computer just being slow. There's quite a bit of information explaining this in the dialog.
Also all of that lag was happening to you before, it just never showed a dialog before. And even without the dialog you would not have been able to do anything anyways.

yes, the window appears while the OCTGN game window is unresponsive.  This is usually due to excessive script processing, but things like loading a deck or rebuilding the gamestate after a reconnect can also cause it to appear.  As d0c mentioned, the actual window lock-up still occurs whether or not the dialog box is there. It's mainly there as a lot of users in the past had assumed that OCTGN itself had crashed/hung during the lockups, and they would shut down OCTGN (and sometimes have their opponents rage out in the chat) before it has a chance to finish loading.

You actually can turn the lag notification off.  It's in one of the .txt files somewhere, I forget exactly which one.

And d0c, this isn't my computer either.  It's brand new (as in I bought it three days ago) and has an Intel i7.  The processing power is more than capable of running multiple programs at once, but OCTGN lags even if it's the only thing open.

I didn't ever get any lag before the update, which is part of the problem.

Ok, first thing's first. If there's a way to turn off lag notification, you'll need to let me know how you do that.

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