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New Game "Settler of Hexagon"

 Hi @ all i have Finished my Game Idea "Settler of Hexagon" and like to chare this Game to play it with more people.

So here i link a download file were people how like to play it with friends or me ;)!7sgQmAKA!Jp2UmsyIEqP6VHmh7Hf0ObSqUZ1dhUYHCDfOsuJ4noU

Also i like to know if there is a way to create a Game feed for it and maybe if People like it, i can start a Game-feed page like MtG or something.

Your littel developer Tflk3

Here some Ingame Pics to show you how it looks like.

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Thanks for all the hard work.  Have you checked out ?

They have all the settlers rules implemented in a java engine, with a league, bots and everything.  Massive player base and a bunch of other games too.

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