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ANR: Accidentally lost markers, how to get them back

Hi guys, i accidentally deleted my markers for android: netrunner, probably wile removing images before installing new ones with ANR downloader.. I can't seem to find a way to get them back, been googling for last two days, no luck :/
I only found a file on db0's github, but it's a 08s i have no idea where to place it.. pls help :)
love you all

Thnx i will wait for an update, if it is fixed by then, I'll mark it as solved


Hi, try reinstalling the game plugin.  Most games keep their markers in the game package, so reinstalling should add them back.  You can also wait until an update to the game occurs, which will automatically reinstall the new update for you.

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I was referring to the marker images, that mark servers on corp's side, hq, remote etc.. and the ones on the side... i only see flat white squares with text on it :/


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