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How to make a TCG here?


How to make a TCG in OCTGN? I have an nice idea that I want to try to with my friends, but I have no idea how to make own TCG in OCTGN.

Well i dont know wath do you mean with TCG but if you mean TradeCardGame i think the best think from this can be Magic but with the sealed function.

Maybe it is posible to look into this game and maybe there can be a script or function for this so you get start with a sealed deck but every time you play with your friends you can add one more card from a other sealed you take every time you play...

Dont know if this can work but its an idea ^^


The best place to get started is via our IRC (or freenode #octgn). People can guide you through getting started.

There is also our Wiki

As well as the source for a few of our games here

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