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Continual Mini-disconnects

Since a couple of days ago every game I play I'm getting disconnected and reconnected instantly whenever I mouse over a card that has been played. I originally thought it was due to being on wifi, however, after hooking up my computer to the modem it is still happening. 

I'm playing on a Mac via wine. I was occasionally getting disconnected every now and then previously but the program was at least usable. Now I'm getting kicked from the room within the first 3 minutes of every game.

I've tried reinstalling Octgn a few times and it is still happening every attempt. My internet has solid download and upload rates and there hasn't been any problems with any other program since the issue started.

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I also have this problem, and I'm also playing (or trying to!) on a Mac via Wine.

I'd have to guess that this is 

1) A bug in wine

2) Your computers are slow/low memory

3) You have unstable connections to our server

If you could provide some more information it might help diagnose this issue...Although there isn't much we can do about it if it's any of these things, but maybe some resolution could be found by talking about it.

In response to the 3 possible issues.

1) If it was a bug with Wine the only thing that would be causing it is some coding between Octgn V3.1.172.0 and V3.1.1.175. The reason for this is the issue wasn't happening prior to the patch.

2) Since the issue started occurring I've been keeping an eye on the Activity Monitor and Memory use. Even with memory purges and full system resets it's still happening (my computer has 8gb of ram).

My processor is a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 which should be fast enough for Octgn. 

3) I can agree that this could be an issue. Prior to the latest patch I was having disconnects every minute or so for a couple of seconds which would be a result of an unstable connection. I have tried wired and wireless and it doesn't effect the issue. This still doesn't explain however how it can be fine one day and have an issue caused by a mouse-over effect the next. My net is 30 m/bs download and 12 m/bs upload.

The next time this happens, can you post up your error log file of that session? In the main octgn window go Help->logs->current->share and link it

1) Not neccisarily. It's highly unlikely that we pushed a bug that's causing disconnection issues. Generally every time we push a new update someone complains of this, and it can't be true every time, or no one would be able to play. About 96% of the time it's just coincident (with the number of people that play it's bound to happen). 

2) 8GB sounds like enough, but I'm not super familiar with how wine handles ram and how much it's alloted and such. Part of that is why we don't really support wine. If it works, great. If we can fix a few things here or there to make it run better, we'll do that. Deep troubleshooting though isn't something we'll be doing, just because there isn't much of a need for something like that.

3) Speed of your internet really isn't a factor, it's the stability of the connection between your computer and our server, and there are tons of stuff in between the two that are our of both of our hands.

Brine is right, if this does happen, submit your log file, there's a slight off chance there might be someone in there that could point us in some kind of direction. Otherwise there isn't anything we can do.

sadly I just have the same problem (also mac + wine, not working anymore since last update). I also had those mini-disconnects before but now it has a storm of disconnects at first (like 50 within the first minute) and afterwards it doesn't show a disconnect but simply disables me (nothing of opponent shown and also chat disabled - ingame and chatroom). Maybe those informations might help you? I'd be glad to use your awesome software again!


The next time this happens, can you post up your error log file of that session? In the main octgn window go Help->logs->current->share and link it


I wonder if wine doesn't like the click-through transparency change? a log would help a lot though...

I have a similar problem running OCTGN with crossover, i got it working fine but constant mini disconnects make it unplayable.  Just wanted to play it while i was away for work .  Attached is a log if that helps... i un ticked SSL but nothing changed. 

(84.1 KB)

Hm. Yeah I saw about 4 disconnects in there. Again it looks like an issue with wine being 32bit, that's my guess at this point.

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