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URL Doesn't work

Hi Guys,

I just installed OCTGN to play The Lord of the Rings: the card game. I need the game URL to play and the website it tells me to go to, doesn't work. The text on the website reads, "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it."If anyone has any suggestions or any ideas on how to solve the problem, please let me know.


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I'm afraid we can't help you if you are having trouble accessing or navigating an external site, however, in order to install your own game files in OCTGN you need to point it to what we call a "game feed" which is a URL that will open an XML file if put into a browser. it is possible that you are trying to open one of these feeds and that you can paste that link into the client by pressing the "Add Game Feed" button under the game manager tab in the game client. if this is not the case, I suggest you contact the host of that site for further assistance. 

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