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Steel Warefare - Tactical LCG in the works.

 Hello OCTGN users! I am Jason Terry, AKA KinkyCode. I have been toying with the idea of a sort of Grid Based Tactical Mech Combat LCG for around 2-3 years now, and the rules are finally starting to look less like gibberish and more like a structured playable game.

It's still far from a playable ALPHA as of yet, and as much as a love profit and winning I do not ever intend for this project regardless of how robust it becomes to be commercial. I am hoping for this to be a OCTGN exclusive LCG.

Here is a snippet from the rule-books summary section.


In the future where fuel is the galaxy’s most powerful resource, and countless factions rival over planets for natural gases, minerals, and fossil fuels. Without the manpower to deploy battalions of frontline troops to fight over countless regions on countless planets they resort to highly trained Mechanized Strike Teams. These teams use mobile assault units called Frames and their many flexible equipment layouts and their ease of deployment to combat each other on all sorts of battlefields that span the whole galaxy. This is the world of Steel Warfare.

The game of steel warfare is a blend of Living Card Game elements, turn based tactics elements with emphasis on strategic positioning of units on a grid and use of all means of assault, resource management, and base management to overcome the opposing force and hold ground on the battlefield.

The game is played like a traditional card game, with 2 opposing players each using a 60 card deck (The Command Deck) to play, the game field consist of a 5x7 grid with five lanes across, and seven rows called ZONES, together this makes up the entirety of the BATTLE-GRID. The end column will represent each player's “Base or HQ” we call this the "SUPPORT ZONE" and this is where that player may deploy Frames, Place Support Cards, and Assign Pilots, equip Deployed Frames, and other various actions. There are many other complex mechanics but in essence, players take turns deploying Frames, managing resources, moving and attacking with Frames, and trying to hold ground in the BATTLE-GRID.

The game win-condition is under heavy debate right now and we are really trying to avoid a game mode that is generic in the “Deal X Damage to enemy base” we are hoping for a much more dynamic sort of strategy to come forth from this project. Objectives are one idea up in the air.

We are accepting all applicants who wish to join us on our journey from concept to idea, and are open to all input as of now. We are hoping to get a full 240 cards out in the first set, to include 3 separate factions, 60 cards per faction, and some Faction-Less cards to fill in the middle ground.

Now that you understand where you are Commander, welcome to Calida Prime.

Calida Prime is a desert world located in the Bravidos Galaxy where three factions currently struggle to obtain their own desperate goals trying to control the surface of the world and secure their taking of the abundant amounts of natural gases and fossil fuels within the planet.

The CPM (aka Calidian Planetary Militia) vie to defend their lands and their simple ways of life, not inherently use to the struggles of war, but also not about to give up their rightful resources without a brutal and bloody fight. Their guerrilla tactics and their extreme resourcefulness when it comes to salvaging parts to rebuild and repair make them able combatants even against the technological superpowers like Primus Sector the highly trained grunt tactics of the GMAF.

The technological superpower known throughout the galaxy as Primus Sect Industrial Operations, or PSIop for short, travel the many systems in search of economic opportunities in order to fund their extensive research and development in space travel, weapons, medical treatment, cyber-optic-implants, and various other high end technological advancements. Their interest in Calida is to simply stomp out the local population, enforce their law and order upon them, and commence harvesting all the valuable resource to sell on the galactic market.

The GMAF or Galactic Mechanized Armed Forces is a highly trained and self operating mercenary style military faction that travels the galaxy in search of new sources of fuel for their many galaxy spanning military operations, they see Calida as a prime opportunity to help improve supplies routes in the Bravidos Sector, and will secure it at any cost.

Currently, I am the only one left working on this project, as the other two initial team members didn't like the idea of the heavy amounts of Data-Entry that comes with making a Card Game like this. I am willing to take on more people willing to help out, and am open to ideas, suggestions, and input.

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The suggestion i can give from my personal experience while setting up an idea to create a whole rpg platform from scratch is to persevere while being open to easier options. i ended up finding another two different platforms that, more or less, grasped the concept of what i intended to do and -with a little homebrewing- they fitted.

From the description i read, i would advise checking on android netrunner (in case you haven't already) and probably warhammer. Perhaps adding some rules and mixing some decks could become less of a starting challenge on the road to crafting a bigger concept and structure.

If it sort of worked for my idea, it might sort of work for yours too!

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