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dice rolle system bug based on Mage Wars.

I would like to give mine opinion about problem that is a big issue from mine personal experience. 

Dice roll system is supose to work ofc randomly and give a ballanced chance to have once lucky once unlucky shoots. there is always an limit of amount rolled between 0 - 0 -1 -1crit 2-2crit   so for a 1 die avarage  effect is "1". 

effect should sustain similar with 3 dice rolled or 5 etc etc.... and avarage roll effect should be the one who is most suspected to see in overall rolls. 

Im thinking mine logic is correct if i roll 10 times 3 dices  i can suspect that some of them would be with effect 0-2 some 3-4 and some 4-6, the thing that we was supose to be sure is that over 10 rolls of 3 dices we will reach in effect 30 points rolled total in most of an examples.

I am describing mien experiencein over 30 games in octgn since last 6 months and few last week.

in almost every game i am playing at there is a situation  where we as a players have liek 2 different sets of dice. 

blue side(example colour) have his rolls effected in over 70-80% as over avarage  an example for 3 dice 10 rolls he gain effect 45 point rolled.

in the second side

red side rolls have straight oposite effect whenre most of them in similar % value is belov the avarage lvl.

liek for 3 dice  10 rolls have an effect 23 points .

I ma aware that all games must have some point of luck in it to be the risk of actioning and wining. BUt this mathers puts so many unbalance in that game that i does not enjoy at all.

I lefted the online playing for over 6 months  and now after 3-4 games i am sic to playing it again. 

I have a lot of games played behind me in real life competetors, i do understand the defeated terms of smarter oponents tactic  and bla bla bla...

Buti can not understan the waste of time of playing a  duel where always one side is odd + and 2nd odd - for a certain. 

None actions , predictions, and tactic can be effective when ur dmg suplie is always on lvl 40-70% ( of maximum 200 possible) 

And it works both sides , victory over an oponent who  clearly was crippled in his dice throws is a pathetick. 

.Please put some an eye on it. I am not some spoiled kid who is angry that he looses. I am and grown up man and i love to play some nice tactical duels. And by what i'm observing i am irritated to play any board game by octgn. 

last game  stats of mine 30 rolls. only 2 went avarage dmg + and still i reached on them only 120-130%.  all rest was mostly under  , rare as avarage dmg.

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