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How to Duplicate Game, but change the cards

For example if I wanted to Duplicate Magic the gathering's Engine/Code but I wanted to replace the cards with completely different game, for example Card fight vanguard or Yu-gi-oh, or any other card game, how would one do that?

 I've attempted to start by replacing some of the Magic the gathering's Card Images, but I also like to play magic. 

All I need to know how to:

-Duplicate Magic the gather's Engine/Code, but make it as a separate entity to be added into the (Game Feed).

-How to alter the name and Description of that Duplicated entity, (So i can tell it apart of the Original Magic)

-How to replace the card images and names so that they correspond with the deck editor's search engine. 

-How to add new card images/names into the game (If the game has more cards than magic the gathering[Unlikely but just in case])

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