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running octgn in linux mint 17/ ubuntu 14.04 lts

I am having difficulties trying to get octgn to work on linux mint 17/ubuntu 14.04. I have tried installing, as this site recommends, via the instructions for installing on non-windows machines. I have also tried the POL script. Both directions get me as far as the window saying things are installed, but the program will not just stays on the window (pol) saying wait for the program to be installed. I've waited for as long as 15 mins and still nothing. With the alternate method of creating a 32-bit prefix and installing that way, I end up at the same window saying installation complete, yet the program won't launch. 

Is there a different way to get octgn to work in linux?

Any help would be great!

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Nevermind...I got it to work. I had forgotten to install winbind to my system.

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