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Problems creating and joining ANR

Lately any time I've tried to create a game of Android-Netrunner in the Play/Spectate tab it gives me the Name/Game/Password popup, I hit start, and then it just keeps loading.  Eventually it goes back to the Name/Game/Password popup.  I can see my game sitting there in the queue even though I'm still at the popup, and no game room window has appeared.  If I cancel out of trying to create a game I can try and join it, which gives me the "unknown error: please try again" popup.  Often the game I created will stay in the queue long after I've canceled out of trying to make a game.

In addition.  Any time I try and join anyone else's game I get the "unknown error:please try again" both before and after I've tried to make my own game.  I suspect these two problems are linked.

I have tried the solution in the FAQ about being unable to host games, and it has not helped.

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