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Reconnect Problems

Hi, the last time I had the following problem with OCTGN on several occasions.

Within a game, the connection gets lost for a very short moment. This happens quite often, but normally is not a problem. But the last few days it happened quite often that the connection got lost, reconnected but it still gives a permanent warning which says something like "You lost your connection. Please wait while we reconnect you." Every function is disabled except for a red "cancel"-button, which allows you to actually leave the game. This would all be quite understanding except for the fact, that the connection is not really lost at all. I can still see my opponents action, for example if he draws cards or moves them around on the board, I also still can see them writing messages and stuff, but I myself cannot do anything and am forced to quit the game, because no matter how long I wait, the connection error window would not vanish. This happened the last 3 games and I would appreciate any idea how to deal with this problem.

I play the AGoT LCG on OCTGN using a Wine-based Installation on Mac OS X 10.10

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Also having the same problem, playing DBZ on Wine-based Mac OSX 10.9. The mini-DCs are not a problem, but on the 3rd one OCTGN gets fed up and kills the game permanently with the red cancel box. Any way to opt out of that function?

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