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Something unexpected happend. We will now shut down OCTGN.

I visited my parents.


But the desktop over here has some problem to start OCTGN.


Here is the log.txt file.


Please let me know how to fix this situation.



(20.8 KB)

Looks like your operating system won't let OCTGN write to the C:\Users\like\Documents\Octgn\Garbage directory, and probably others in that area.

could you help me look at the same problem? here is the log.txt


(123 KB)

It looks like your game database is all messed up. Maybe not the whole thing, but just one game it looks like. 

Go in and delete the folder C:\Users\sikai\Documents\Octgn\GameDatabase\a21af4e8-be4b-4cda-a6b6-534f9717391f 

(Don't worry, this won't delete your images)

Then you should be able to start up octgn.

i try it, but  cant help. it  still has this problem! here is another log.txt.


(16.9 KB)

Yeah, you had two separate issues in your log file before. Deleting those files fixed the one problem you had, now you need to do one more thing.

Follow the instructions here.

After that, go ahead and try and launch again and let me know how it goes.

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yeah. very nice,d0c. thank you very much ,you are my idol. i  can play LOTR again ..


Haha. glad it worked.

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hi, d0c ,my friend had a problem with OCTGN when sutuping the LOTR ,here is the LOG, could you help me?thank you .


(23 KB)
on the upside problem ,my friend add a game feed, after writing the URL ,then click the "add" ,it said, "there was a problem installing Lord of the Rings - the card game ".


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