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Littel help with the "Hand-funtion" Ingame

 Hello to everyone how read this ^^

I try to Create a Card-Game for OCTGN thats Called "Bohnanza"

Up to now i have Copy the "Standart Card Game" and change the ID also the

Name, background and Cards of the Game to the Ones thet i like to add in my Game.

Also i Add a Rule Dokumentation and Game Help to ths game

(Works ingame fine for this i use to Speaks my own German and for all the OCTGN user also English-Sorry for mistakes :D)

I also Play the Game @ My PC against me (Sorry two Accounts) and all Works fine BUT, there are some Spezial Rules in this game i like to put in to it.

First the Cards the Player Draw MUST STAY AT THERE HAND WERE THEY ARE and the Players dont can sort or shuffel them.

How i do this?

Second how can i make thet the Player only can Play Cards from One Side of her hand (Well sometimes they can trade so maybe not for ever)

How i do this?

Here are a youtube link to show you the game (Real game) and wath i mean

(Not my Video :)  )

I don't think there's any way to prevent players from arranging cards in hand, but it isn't really necessary. Whenever a player moves a card in hand, everybody gets informed about it.
As for using cards from one side of hand, I think you could use top() and bottom() functions. I'm not 100% sure if hand is considered as a pile, but you should give it a try.

By the way, it's easy to see that you're German - "Dokumentation", "Spezial", "shuffel", etc :D


Oh, and there you have some more information about these functions:


:D Well i try my best to speak English :D Thanks for your information and My Friend have a new Idea how it can Work.
We play with the Cards on the Table and use the Function Strg+P ~Peep the Cards we own and if we like to play them we use Strag+F ~Flip the Card to Normal :)


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