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All xaml in OCTGN black


I'm a java developer who has dabbled in the past in C# creating plugins for various game editors.  I was interested in checking out the code of OCTGN to learn and with a side thought of creating a draft mechanic.  Very distant side thought btw , just want to learn the codebase first. 

As I said I'm actually java and .NET is just a hobby.  I know about xaml, an xml format to create screens in VS.  Now I wanted to start at the beginning and open Main.xaml, find out about the events how it gets initialized etc...

After going through the entire install procedure of the dev environment, nearly all my xaml design views are just black though and usually with a lot of errors in the error tab stating Value cannot be null but those Control taga don't seem to have an exposed Value parameter ?

I've been googling for a bit of help , but can't find anything of help.  Any advice you can give me on getting my development environment up and running normally ?

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Ok I just helped myself switch from .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5.1 and it fixed itself ... you could delete this or keep i maybe it helps other new devs


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