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I can't add Game Feed

Hi guys, I've just downloaded Octgn to play The Lord of The Rings, but, after I've installed in my pc, I can't Add Games Feed to Install the game.

I've sent massages into the platform, and it seem that the button "Add Game Feed" isn't green for me.

This button appears in gray, and disabled.

How can I install the game?

Thaks for the help.

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Hi guys, I just installed OCTGN to play the Lord of the Rings Card game and the link to get the URL doesn't work. The text that shows up is "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.". If you can help or give any suggestions, please let me know.

The "Add Game Feed" button should only be disabled while the client is fetching feed data or while the dialog box is already open for adding a feed. if a dialog isn't open, the client must be stuck trying to fetch one of your feeds. first try simply relaunching the client, and if that doesn't work you may need to make sure any private feeds you may have added are valid, and that you do not have a firewall blocking access to either the official feed or any others you want to access. 

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