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Trouble using OCTGN on a high resolution monitor

Hi folks, I recently got a new laptop that has a very high resolution monitor (3200x1800). I've run into a problem with OCTGN though... the popup windows are very small when they appear (I play Netrunner mostly, and when I run subroutines on ICE or use Interns). This means the buttons are small, but the text on them is full sized (just cut off).

When I resize the windows the button sizes are still small, so I still can't read all the text on each. This is really a problem on cards like Interns where there's no difference in the first 3 or 4 words of text on the buttons.

Has anybody else run into this problem? Do you have a solution for keeping the window sizes workable?


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I am having the same problem.  I'm going to try setting my monitor to a less impressive resolution to see if that helps, but it's obviously not the ideal solution to the issue.

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