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Customizable chat

I like the chat, but I wish it had some more customization. Specifically I wish I could:

  • Change the horizontal size of the chat (some games don't have hands that are that big..)
  • Choose to set the text of another player or the game to a certain color, alignment, or style: with this I could set my text a certain color, my opponent's another, and then make the game a third color and style! This would be a good subscriber feature. I think that each game would set these by default, but that the user could change them. 

(this suggestion comes from the fact that that I wish I could make player's names in chat a very light color and align the chat from the game on the right. This way, players could instantly tell apart game text from player text, AND the actual chat would appear more visible with the name being less noticeable)

Us older guys whos sight starts to deteriorate have a hard time reading the spindly, uncontrasting small chars. Would be nice to be able to just change the font, color and size.


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