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Aggregating token changes in chat

When playing Magic for example, there's a counter above your hand that tracks life. You can either increment this one-by-one (with the buttons or shortcuts) or you can type it in. Both of those are fine and valid ways to do this.

The only thing that's annoying, is the fact that when you increment the tokens instead of typing them, your chat will write something like this "unreal_ed sets unreal_ed's GhostRock counter to 3 (-1)" and it will do that for every time I pressed that shortcut. 

This is very annoying if I'm playing Magic and just suffered 8 damage... It shouldn't spam the chat 8 times! It should only show 1 message like this "unreal_ed sets unreal_ed's Health counter to 3 (-8)". This is how the message appears when you type in the new value of the token, but having to click that box every time you want to change health is slow.

To implement this feature, the chat could simply wait 300ms (or some amount of time) before sending the change in token value. If the player doesn't use the button/shortcut again in that time period, then the new value and change is sent in chat.

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Did not know that. That said it's mostly annoying for myself, so it'd be nice if it worked like that for the local chat too.

would you believe me if I told you that OCTGN already does this? It'll only spam your local chat box, for all other players it does exactly as you suggests.

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