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A statusbar that show the latest action taken

Sometimes you will press a shortcut wrong or not be sure what a shortcut does. Since OCTGN games rely on shortcuts a lot, it would be nice to have an (optional) bar above or below the bottom part of the screen that would simply show you what shortcut you just took and the associated name of the action. That way the player could use this to help him remember and understand how to play the game. 

So, for example, in Doomtown Reloaded, if I pressed ctrl + Z then the status bar shows "Ctrl + Z - Used [character name]'s ability."

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this one's a little iffy cuz in theory the games should be coding this sort of stuff into the notification messages already, so doubling up on messages might add a lot of clutter to the chat window.  It's possible once the game logs are re-introduced, that this sort of functionality would be helpful

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